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      Medicaid Services for Seniors

PA Services My Way Program


The Pennsylvania Services  My Way Program (SMW program) is designed to assist Medicaid eligible Pennsylvania residents who are elderly or disabled. This program is meant to foster independence and choice in the Medicaid recipient.  The program works in such a way that the Medicaid recipient directs their care by personally choosing their own care providers instead of the state agency making a decision on their behalf.


Medicaid Benefits


There are many services that an individual can receive through the PA Department of Aging Waiver and the SMW Program. These services include:


  •  Adult Daily Living Services
  • Personal Care
  • Moving Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Environmental Accessibility Modifications
  • Financial Management Services
  • Home Health Services
  • Home Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Meal Delivery
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Respite Care Services




To qualify for the SMW program the recipient must adhere to the following


  • Be a Pennsylvania resident
  • Qualify for the PA Department of Aging Waiver  (Be a PA Resident over 60)
  • Require nursing home level care
  • Meet the financial requirements depending on your age and marital status


2016 PA Income Limits


The income limit for an individual applying for a PA Medicaid waiver is $2,199/mo. If one spouse is applying for Medicaid and the other is not, joint income can be shifted to help the applicant qualify. The maximum monthly income a non-applicant spouse can have is $2,980.50.


2016 PA Asset Limits


The asset limit for an individual according to the PA Department of Aging Waiver is $8,000. In the situation previously described, where one spouse of a married couple is applying, resources in excess of $8,000, up to a maximum of $119,220 can be allocated to the non-applicant spouse. This is referred to as the Community Spouse Resource Allowance.


Those Who Exceed Medicaid Limits


If you exceed the Medicaid income limits, Medicaid may still be an option. The Medically Needy program works by looking at the difference between an individual's monthly care expenses and their monthly income. If their expenses are so high that the  remaining income is less than $425 /mo. they can gain eligibility.





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