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    Independent Living Communities

Remaining Independent Together


Independent Living communities are designed for people who cherish their independence as they age. These communities can be a wonderful source of safety, activity, and social support.


Types of Independent Living


     Senior High Rises

Independent living communities, such as senior high rises, are designed for seniors in good health who value their

     personal freedom but still desire the benefits of living in a community. Many of these communities have a 65 and older

     policy, which ensures that the community is unified and have similar goals. These communities are a wonderful option

     for seniors who are downsizing and desire their independence.


     Assisted Living

Assisted Living is an option for seniors who have a desire to live on their own, but might need occasional medical help.

     These facilities typically have a well trained staff who are able to help their residents with activities of daily living while

     still respecting and fostering their personal independence. This is an excellent option for a person who wishes to live

     with a great deal of freedom, but requires daily medical care.



Our Independent Living Discount Program

At Home Senior Services aims  to foster the independence of seniors in our community in any way that we are able. For this reason we have developed a special offer to seniors who live in independent living communities. Residents in qualifying Independent Living communities can receive 10% off the typical cost of an At Home Senior Services caregiver.


     Qualifying Communities must be:


  • A Senior High Rise or Senior Living Community
  • Have 3 or more residents interested in services
  • Be within the Allegheny County area






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