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The care we provide is available to anyone in the Allegheny County Area who feels that they need assistance in their home. The services provided will be flexible according to your needs. You can view a list of the services that At Home Senior Services' caregivers are trained to provide and determine if our care is right for you.


Additionally, At Home Senior Services provides services through several programs which will allow you or your loved on to receive services at a reduced cost. These programs are listed below.









Pennsylvania Department of Aging

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging has a wide variety of services available for low income seniors in Allegheny county. The benefits that are provided through the Pennsylvania Department of Aging are broad and can cover a variety of services, including in home care. At Home Senior Services is a licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and is dedicated to providing care to all seniors, regardless of income.




Our Veterans fought hard for us and deserve the highest quality of care. Unfortunately, very few Veterans understand the full extent of the services that they have access to through the Veteran's Association. Under 10% of people eligible for Veteran's benefits in Pennsylvania have actually claimed them. At Home Senior Services is a provider through the VA and is dedicated to getting our area's veterans the care they need. If you are a veteran and need care in your home we can work with the VA and assist in discounting the cost of care.



Senior High Rises

At Home Senior Services is dedicated to helping seniors live independently, so we offer a discount for light services provided within senior high rise communities. Call us today to see if your building qualifies for our discounted rate.

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The process of finding the right care for yourself or your loved one can be daunting. If you are unsure about senior care or the costs associated with us, please give us a call. We are always willing to work with people who have a genuine need, or to point them toward resources that can help to lessen the cost of care.








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